Helping your teams to focus and deliver on the things that matter

There is an ‘i’ in team

There is an ‘i’ in team – in fact there are many ‘i’s and each of these have individual needs, wants and expectations and contribute a unique value to the collective.

The ability of a team to perform, to challenge and support each other and to deliver a value greater than the sum of the ‘i’s is what creates high performing team.

One way of harnessing the talent and potential within teams is to align these within the same story – a story that engages and entertains and brings to life the purpose, strategy and goals of a business.

Helping teams deliver value through rich customer experiences

What differentiates great customer service experiences from those that feel more like a transaction is how well team members deliver a personal, relevant and attentive service experience.

Sometimes it only requires a few seconds but a customer who feels valued is far more likely to share their positive experience with others, making them invaluable brand advocates.

The digital revolution has given people a far more vocal platform from which to share not only great experiences but also poor experiences – and what they say about you has far more impact that what you say about yourself.

Enhancing creativity within teams

The ability to create ideas is what adds value to a business – whether it is in identifying new products and / or services, streamlining operations, or increasing productivity.

This creative ability of teams together with their emotional intelligence and collaborative culture are what helps to differentiate a business and makes them hard to copy.

Who I've worked with

Druck Darling ParkDelivered a professional development program on great customer experiences for frontline staff working at the Darling Park Towers.

WZDesign and deliver professional development programs for frontline staff in presentation skills. Also involved with delivering programs focusing on the importance of purpose.

BCC My key role was to design and deliver a professional development program for frontline staff delivering community and education programs.

Ernst and YoungI was engaged as a professional development consultant to deliver training for the internal graduate program. This training focused on creative thinking and problem solving skills.

downloadFacilitating creative sessions as part of an senior manager’s strategic visioning retreat.

ZVZoos Victoria created a new vision to be a world-leading zoo’s based conversation organistion. As part of this new vision the organisation set about making all it’s staff empowered to lead presentations with visitors.

BridgeClimbI was a member of the start up team for BridgeClimb and was responsible for designing and implementing the professional development program for Climb Leaders. I also provided on-going consultancy services for developing the commentary and presentation skills of Climb Leaders.

connections graphicIn 2013 the Wellington Region Amentities Fund directed funding toward an innovative program that sought to bring together the  nature-based business operators within the Wellington region (New Zealand) to create a unified brand. To work within a spirit of collaboration and co-petition rather than competition. I was responsible for delivering the training and professional development opportunities for staff from these businesses to better communicate this partnership and to promote the unified brand.

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The Kokoda Initiative
The Australian and PNG governments have signed a Joint Understanding to work together to protect the Kokoda Track and Owen Stanley Ranges and improve the lives of communities living along the Track corridor. This work is delivered through the Kokoda Initiative.
In 2015 I worked with The Interpretive Design Company to craft opportunities to reflect the stories around Owers’ Corner. This involved liaising with numerous stakeholders in Papua New Guinea and Australia and spending time facilitating story sharing sessions with the local Koiari Peoples.


How I’ve helped

I’ve helped business and organisation in a range of improvement areas that include:

  • Enriching the skills of frontline staff to deliver excellent customer service experiences
  • Facilitating team sessions on generating new ideas for customer service experiences
  • Energising and focusing staff on project-based activities
  • Recruiting and training new staff and their integration into existing and new teams
  • Designing and delivering organisation-wide capacity building programs (which include programs up to 200 staff)
  • Aligning staff and business activity to a shared purpose
  • Mentoring the professional development of teams and their work on specific projects and programs

A visual summary of who I’ve worked with




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Centennial Parklands


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Ernst and Young

Qld Government

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