Are your teams building value?

Do your teams deliver on customer service experiences?

Are your teams committed to the success of your business? Are you committed to their success?




3 of the ways you can build successful teams


Enrich and deepen connections

High performing teams benefit from rich and deep connections between individuals. Connections that evoke a sense of belonging and inclusiveness within the individual and motivates their commitment to succeed.

Managing these connections is becoming increasing significant as the modern workplace is now a mix of employees, contractors, project based hires, and ‘members’ of the gig economy.

Commit to being of service

Teams are increasingly motivated by a sense of purpose, meaning and to making a positive experience for others. A key challenge for business is how to excite this motivation whilst also delivering value to its end-user.

To meet this challenge a business needs to be of service to its teams and not just to the end-user. Such a practice creates a desire within teams to want to deliver for the end-user versus have to deliver. And these opportunities of shared value are critical for sustaining high levels of service.

Embrace the value of a creative culture

Successful teams thrive in a business culture that embraces the value of initiative and creativity. With change dominating the business landscape, business needs to adapt and respond to this change, whilst also identifying the opportunities that change creates.

Do you need a hand in helping your teams succeed?

I can help enrich and enhance the skill of individuals to:

Contribute and share feedback on ways to improve your business

Initiate and sustain a conversations

Listen to and understand the needs of customers

Coach and mentor others

Build relationships

I can help you:

Build the creative capacity of individuals and teams

Create an inclusive culture

Enrich collaboration within and between teams

Identify opportunities of shared value

John's collaborative approach is a valuable part of the workshop planning process and his outstanding skills as a facilitator ensure that desired outcomes are consistently achieved. Katrina Jones - Australian National Maritime Museum
John is an excellent facilitator and has the amazing ability to get a group thinking along new lines and feeling enthusiastic about doing so in as little as ten minutes. His creative thinking workshops will energize and enhance the effectiveness of boards and executive teams. His conference presentations are unique and valuable. Julie Garland McLellan - Professional Non-Executive Director - Practical Board Advisor
The feedback we received was that they loved the knowledge, passion and commitment of the trainer. A sceptical participant said “it was better than I thought it would be and John was great”! Carole Betts - NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

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