Story has and always will be the most effective means of communication.

The crafting of story builds our observational, listening and questioning skills together with lighting the sparks of creativity and imagination.

The sharing of story helps to engage, advocate and inspire people around a desired message and intention.

Story also helps to define legacy, and to draw out and share those insights into who we are as people.


SToryComms integrates the principles and practices of stories and storytelling when working with People to help define stories, build narratives and to enrich and enhance communication, collaboration and service delivery skills.

Free e-copy of John’s latest book

The Creative Thinking Sandpit ... a place of possibility

My latest book provides a range of techniques to help empower teams enrich their collaborative ability within a creative context. If you’d like a free copy just drop me a note and I’ll send you the link. Or order a paperback copy through the Lulu online store.

What others have said about ‘The Creative Thinking Sandpit

John’s really nailed the pathway to effective teams in this book by marrying team building, problem solving and creative thinking techniques with the human elements that come into play with any change process. Rarely have I found so much value-add and essential reading in the one place! – Phil Preston, Shared Value Expert

The most important activity for any team is creating and executing projects that matter. This book provides a powerful framework where teams can come together and create such projects. Peter Cook, cofounder of Thought Leaders Business School

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Human imperfection (?)

Human imperfection (?)

Our imperfections are qualities and characteristics of what make us human. They provide the oddities that excite and enrich the flavour of our perspectives, they introduce novelty and personality. Any yet imperfections are often shunted. A brilliant piece of furniture...

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Gifts within the unseen

Gifts within the unseen

The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes - ah, that is where the art resides. so wrote the Austrian pianist Artur Schnabel. Shiny objects and unseen gifts It is often the dominant and easily noticed items that capture our...

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Music as a mentor

Music as a mentor

Music as a mentor In amongst the suite of opportunities to help better our performance are the services of a mentor and coach. People who are wise in process more so than in content, and who help guide, reflect and share lessons to focus and accelerate our learning....

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Natural heritage of the Sydney Basin

The following videos are a selection of videos within a series in which we get to explore, discover and find out more about the natural wonders of the Sydney Basin.

Recent Projects

John Pastorelli and SToryComms

John is the lead within StoryComms with experience crafting and sharing stories whilst working as a TV presenter, facilitating stakeholder and community consultations, designing and writing learning resources and delivering training programs.

His initial career was a Ranger with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and experiencing the wilds of Alaska with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. He has since enjoyed working with an exciting and interesting array of projects, companies, organisations and individuals and learning from some very clever people. John works with Indigenous Peoples within both Australia and New Zealand, and was recently invited to help with the Future Leaders and Elders program for the Ngunnawal Aboriginal community around Canberra.

John has written three books and has also been received two major awards. In amongst this he worked with a number of start-ups including being a member of the start up team for the original BridgeClimb experience, where he was responsible for helping craft the ‘on steel’ experience and managing the Climb Leader team.

(A full bio on John is available here)

Reflections on my work through the words of others

John’s collaborative approach is a valuable part of the workshop planning process and his outstanding skills as a facilitator ensure that desired outcomes are consistently achieved.
Katrina Jones - Australian National Maritime Museum

John is an excellent facilitator and has the amazing ability to get a group thinking along new lines and feeling enthusiastic about doing so in as little as ten minutes. His creative thinking workshops will energize and enhance the effectiveness of boards and executive teams. His conference presentations are unique and valuable.
Julie Garland McLellan - Professional Non-Executive Director - Practical Board Advisor

The feedback we received was that they loved the knowledge, passion and commitment of the trainer. A sceptical participant said “it was better than I thought it would be and John was great”!
Carole Betts - NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

I’ve just attended a fantastic session with on ‘Conversational Leadership’ by RUOK which was expertly facilitated by John. Wow, what an amazing session – seamlessly facilitated with great insights and anecdotes, good energy and fun! Great job John. I look forward to attended further sessions with you.

Joe Cassar

General Manager, Business and Service Development

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