Facilitation Design and Delivery

The majority of workforce challenges involve people.

For businesses these might include:

How to better performance

How to increase efficiencies

How to retain employees vs burn through dollars caused by a continuous recruitment cycle

How to bridge silos and enhance collaboration

And for the individual these challenges might include:

To feel you belong

To feel you matter and are able to contribute

To grow and develop as a person

How facilitation helps manage such situations is revealed by the meaning of the word – to facilitate is to … make easyto draw outto focus. And all the while remaining a people’s based process, involving people working as a collective to generate how best to manage those situations involving people.

With automation taking over routine tasks at an ever increasing rate the ability of business to better manage people and their activities will be of significant value in ensuring the success of that business. Chalk and talk, command and control, top down leadership are relics of the industrial age … face to face facilitation skills is now key for all leaders and the facilitation process key to all businesses.

Facilitation is key to an effective and successful workplace

Facilitation enhances our agility and responsiveness

Agility in thinking and decision making, in generating ideas and being responsive to the ever shifting business landscape whilst remaining focused on strategic intentions.

Facilitation skills underpin positive customer service experiences

 When facilitating customer service experiences, you engage with the customer to ensure the experience is relevant, that they know they matter, and to demonstrate the desire to want to deliver value and a positive experience for others.

Facilitation skills enrich relationships between people, an element critical to business success

Rich connections between individuals, evoking a sense of belonging and inclusiveness.

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John’s really nailed the pathway to effective teams in this book by marrying team building, problem solving and creative thinking techniques with the human elements that come into play with any change process. Rarely have I found so much value-add and essential reading in the one place! – Phil Preston, Shared Value Expert

The most important activity for any team is creating and executing projects that matter. This book provides a powerful framework where teams can come together and create such projects. Peter Cook, cofounder of Thought Leaders Business School

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My latest book is all about helping teams build their creative and collaborative talent of teams.

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Reflections on my work through the words of others

John’s collaborative approach is a valuable part of the workshop planning process and his outstanding skills as a facilitator ensure that desired outcomes are consistently achieved.

Katrina Jones - Australian National Maritime Museum

John is an excellent facilitator and has the amazing ability to get a group thinking along new lines and feeling enthusiastic about doing so in as little as ten minutes. His creative thinking workshops will energize and enhance the effectiveness of boards and executive teams. His conference presentations are unique and valuable.

Julie Garland McLellan - Professional Non-Executive Director - Practical Board Advisor

The feedback we received was that they loved the knowledge, passion and commitment of the trainer. A sceptical participant said “it was better than I thought it would be and John was great”!

Carole Betts - NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

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