here is a bit of talk around protecting our ideas and such what. Looking over your shoulder to ensure your latest idea is not pitched through slight of hand. But rather than glance over our shoulder we need look inside ourselves first, as I believe we steal our own ideas from ourselves more than others steal from us.

How might that be you ask? Simple – by extinguishing the journey of an idea too soon, by ending the story before a chapter has even being crafted.

How many times do we have a gem of an idea only to bump it a short while latter with phrases such as it won’t work, I haven’t the resources, I haven’t the time, well that was a bit ambitious. How many times do we evaluate the possibility of a future idea by only using present day frames?

A key skill set is that of resourcefulness – and not just from a perspective of doing more with less, but being able to reuse, recycle, reframe ideas and activities so that we can juice increasing value from our efforts. And a key quality supporting this skill set is that of believing in the worth of our creativity, in the opportunities that we can create for a better future.

The lovely Di Westaway is the founder and CEO of Wild Women on Top and recently presented the Fred Hollows Foundation with a cheque for almost $5million. When i saw the photo of Di handing the cheque to Gabi Hollows, I was cheering with a Cheshire Cat grin and felt incredibly happy for Di – a testament to her amazing energy and belief in being able to help others. Such qualities are quite possibly the reason why Di is a global leader and ground-breaking futurist leading the charge for wild wellness – all through her social enterprise that has helped transform millions of lives.

I believe Di’s adventurous spirit keeps her ideas alive … there is no Di stealing from Di … no Di bumping ideas too soon. But rather, a congruence between the Di who creates and aspires for a better future and the everyday Di doing the grunt work to make sure things happen. How inspiring to see the commitment to an idea, and especially one that will help so many.