I spoke at the City Business SWAP (breakfast business networking and motivational meeting) last Thursday on innovative thinking. Discussing what i believed to be the difference between creative and innovative thinking and how the Creative Thinking Sandpit could be used as a framework for empowering the innovative capabilities of individuals and their organisations.

I had a great morning with an energised and engaged crew of talented individuals. Some of the questions which were presented included:

  • ‘how do we go from the talk to the action?’ – so many companies talk about the need for innovation but do little about it. How do you engage the decision makers to make a greater commitment to innovation.
  • ‘how do you focus all the ideas people generate to ensure there is value in the time spend actually generating the ideas?’ – a great question arising from the fact we generated many ideas during the session and so how do you step back and start making choice as to which one’s add value.

If you are interested in some of the responses to these questions please let me know via the contact form.