When the pressure is on we tend to get ruffled, nervous, excited, abusive and agitated – I was watching a recent football game and when the losing team started to realise they were being out-muscled and out-played they lost their discipline. But this is often when we need discipline the most. We need to be able to manage the emotional reaction so that we can remain focused on the rational process. This doesn’t mean that you let go of the passion but it does mean that this passion is considered and focused on what is most effective. As fans we can get excited and when we are in the same arena this excitement can fuel player emotions.

I know that when I was playing sport I’d often find myself in this situation and just needed to step back for an instant to regather myself and avoid making costly mistakes.

The same when we become stressed and feel under pressure in our workplace or even at home … we need to bring some discipline into our responses and focus on what would work best for the situation and with the endgame in mind. Bringing this discipline into play keeps us in the game … and is one way in which we can be more resourceful.