I believe a key element that can drive the delivery of positive experiences for customers is for all service personnel to be clear on the message they are communicating through their contact points. The majority of advice around the delivery of customer experiences is on the interpersonal and communicative skills. But if everyone else is doing this then where’s the cut through?

And this is where message helps to highlight and make memorable the experience you are providing to your customers. More and more customers are making choices based on what a business stands for, and how they can be part of a following in addition to purchasing a product or service. And message helps to communicate opportunities around this.

Once you are clear on message it’s easier to be relevant and powerful through a choice of communicative strategies. This is demonstrated by the following 2 visuals which relate to a Road Safety Campaign within Victoria (Australia).

The sign in the centre reads ‘this many people won’t make it to Christmas Lunch’ – promoting the need for road safety to prevent indiscrimatory killings.

The above photo is the same table but at plaza level – it includes all manner of chairs (including high chairs for toddlers) to highlight the statement that deaths on roads are non discriminatory.

Often message is left to the branding areas of the business, or to marketing. But service personnel can communicate message through their everyday conversations. All it takes is to be mindful of the opportunities and to be clear on what message you are seeking to share.