I’m somewhat optimistic at times and this shows up in various activities in my life. And at such times I’m remind myself of life’s simple lessons.

One of these is when i’m trying to bring the shopping in from the car … if I ran out of my reuse bags at the supermarket I’ll often be left with an array of loose shopping items that i then need to regroup and get inside the house. And what i’ll usually do is load myself up with as many items to avoid making a second trip and then ‘balance’ my way through the front path, up the stairs and into the house. Such optimism ended in a spray of cherry tomatoes over the footpath on the first attempt, a cascade of cans into the front path on the second attempt and a lets just say a mess on the 3rd attempt.

And the lesson is … to little steps and chunk my task to achieve my goal. With the above situation I’d actually have saved time if I made 2 trips with less of the loose items on each trip. Items wouldn’t have been mixed with dirt which required subsequent washing.

Life’s simple lesson – if things get a bit out of hand (literally) step back and think of how you can chunk the task. Then focus on each of these in turn and before you know it you’d have achieved your goal … and quite possibly without the frustration and stress of trying to go all out.