Learn how to create and deliver inspirational presentations

A unique opportunity to learn from master storytellers, performers, artists and songwriters the skills to engage and inspire your audience.

 What is aim of the Masters Series presentation workshop:

The aim of this workshop is to promote the idea that as presenters we are focused on communicating messages (or ideas or concepts or whichever other related phrase is used).

I am John Pastorelli, and I will be your MC for this workshop. I am excited by the calibre and diversity of skills and perspectives of our presenters who will help you craft truly engaging presentations.

The benefits for participants coming along to the workshop include the opportunity to build their skills in:

  • Crafting a presentation that engages and inspires an audience
  • Focusing presentations such that they communicate key messages
  • Igniting and harnessing their creative talents
  • Enriching their delivery through performance and stagecraft
  • Integrating storyteling techniques

I believe that regards of whether a person is an artist, photographer, performer, singer / songwriter their works communicate a message. I sometimes refer to this as sharing stories – e.g. a song has a story, in the same way each photo i look at has a story as does a painting as does the way an actor performs.

And for me within each of these stories is a message that is being communicated (sometimes deliberately and consciously and sometimes incidentally and perhaps accidentally).

What I am keen for participants to gain from this workshop is how each of the workshp speakers works within their particular field. For example, how does Neil Murray (www.neilmurray.com.au)  observe the landscape, environment and people such that he is able generate the ideas for his lyrics and music? How does he then craft these ideas into song?  Likewise with the other speakers who will be focused on the following:

Peter Andrikidis and Don Hany – sharing the choreographical skills of a director in bringing events and information into a sequence that maximises their impact and ensuing climax – i.e. how different elements make a story engaging and wanting you to find out more. (Note – whilst Peter will not be presenting he will still be involved in a collaborative session with Don Hany). You can read a background to Peter at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0029014/bio and Don at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0361546/.

Nigel Sutton – sharing the skills of a performer and how to build these skills for engaging audiences. Nigel promotes the idea that everytime we get up in front of a group of people we are performers. We might not be actors but we are performers and so how can we best engage out audience using the skills of a performer.

Tracey Savage – in making documentaries, Tracey has the skill of focusing in on the essence of story. Once all the layers are peeled back what is the underlying message. So Tracey’s session will be focused on ensuring a presentation has a core essence (i.e. message) and how to create this.

Andy Hore – as a cartoonist Andy is similar to Tracey in being able to hone in on the essence of a situation. Andy provides a different perspective in that his work has a greater reliance on humour so what are some of his ‘humour based’ skills that help to create engaging presentations.

Leonardo da Roma is a painter and artist and works in the domains of colour, perspectives, framing and contrast. His session will have a focus on working with colour and contrast as well as framing so as to highlight key messages and points. As an example, he will discuss how different colours affect our emotions.

A background to each of the speakers:

Neil Murray – internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter. Founding member of the Warumpi Band and Neil Murray and the Rainmakers. Awarded the 1995 APRA Song of the Year for ‘My Island Home’.

Peter Andrikidis – international multi-award winning director (including 10 AFI awards) of shows such as Underbelly, East West and Water Rats.

Don Hany – award winning actor of shows such as East West and White Collar Blue.

Nigel Sutton – 20 years experience as a professional actor and writer delivering cultural interpretation through theatre.

Andrew Hore – cartoonist with MAD magazine and creator of ‘Victor the Viking’ – the mascot for the Raiders Rugby League team.

Leonardo de Roma – Italian freelance renaissance painter.

Tracey Savage – previously a radio journalist with extensive experience in broadcasting and business development. Tracey is currently a film and documentary maker.

John Pastorelli – author of several books and learning resources including ‘Enriching the Experience’. John has initiated and organised this event and will be your MC for the day.