I’m following a post within the Linkedin Group social media marketing that asks people to choose one word that summarises their brand. My word was resourceful to capture how I focus my efforts on helping individuals and organisations cultivate and amplify value from their existing resources. Some of the other responses which I found attractive included:

Leveraged, Advocacy, Creative, Performance, Resourceful, Empowering, Susteinable (yes to this being the spelling … i’m figuring it is a new take on sustainable blended with tenable), Authentic, Insightful, Educational, Innovative, Inspire, Integrity, storytelling.

It’s a useful exercise to try and narrow down what it is we do to one word. This can extend to a macro level as in the focus for your business or organisation through to a micro and project level.

If you are interested in reading some of the responses from the group the bitly link is http://linkd.in/1mJdApk.