Just finished reading the following article on the Amtrak train being rolled out in the NE of USA – “All Aboard! U.S. Vice President Biden Welcomes First Siemens-built Amtrak Locomotive Entering Passenger Service“.

What I found interesting was the degree to which the trains capture the energy lost during braking to feed back into the grid for use by other trains. It follows the same ‘regenerative braking’ technology used by hybrid vehicles (like the Prius) but on a much larger scale. This heat that was once overlooked is now being captured by the work of some very clever people. Gets you thinking about what else it is we are overlooking that can be used as a resource?

Another project I was reading about the other day involved setting up huge solar cells in an orbit above the earth – still a way to go with that one but will be interesting to keep an eye skyward to ‘watch that space’.