Just finished reading about where Twitter seems to be heading over the next while and where it feels are the next opportunities that will involve its platform. One of these focuses around Second Screen which is the use of another monitor like a tablet or smartphone while watching television. It allows the the TV viewer the ability to interact with what they’re watching on the TV (or video game or movie or whatever else is on the TV).

Second Screen is already in use (estimates in the US are that approximately 3 in 10 people use a ‘screen device’ to interact with their TV) with varying results and will no doubt improve in effectiveness and efficiency … which seems to be something that Twitter is interested in being a part of. Imagine an advertiser being able to reach you despite the fact that you are tuning off during the TV ad break … all because they can hit you on your other device … it’s synchronised and they’ve a good idea of who they’re targeting and what to pitch.

And what helps to make their advertisements relevant is how intelligence and insights can be gathered from the conversations taking place around specific TV shows which then allows placement of targeted adverts.

This just goes to show how important it is to be relevant and how with the digital revolution the tools to harness this are becoming ever more powerful. Even at the non-technological level we need to be relevant – what do our customers want? How can we best serve them? What challenges can we help them with? These are effective questions to ask ourselves when developing our services and ideas.